Screm Pins Out Now!

Here it is, the Screm wooden pin series! There’s my classic opossum design plus a new trash panda, void cat, and pacman frog!

These guys are hard to photograph, because the wood grain catches the light. They look more flat and graphic in person. They also have a delightful subtle pine scent! The smell fades over time, but it’s my favourite part of packing wooden pins haha!

Click below to order your pin, or check them out on Etsy!

Screm Space Cat Wooden Pin
Screm Pacman Frog Wooden Pin
Screm Opossum Wooden Pin
Screm Raccoon Wooden Pin

Find all my pins here on Etsy!

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New Pin Design Sneak Peek! Screm Space Kitty

When you scream into the void and the void screams back!

This space kitty’s pose is heavily inspired by my cat, Sparc, at breakfast time. I created this little galaxy kitty to be part of a screm pin collection, which should be available soon.

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3D Printed Seal Coin Bank and Planter

Swinging back to 3D, I was in need of a place to keep spare change, and decided to create a seal coin bank. I just cannot resist their squishy shape! It was pretty tricky to get the hollow shape and twist-off plug with Nomad Sculpt, but it worked out in the end. And of course, once I had the model, I couldn’t resist making a planter version!

I tried a new filament with this planter, and it doesn’t transition between the colours quite as well. I also used resin for the bank seal’s eyes and painted the planter seal’s eyes without adding resin. Which look do you prefer?

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Rainbow Celestial Space Seal Enamel Pins

I’m so excited to share these little guys with you: Space seal pins!

It’s been a long while since my last enamel pin, and these little space seals turned out so beautifully. They’re made with rainbow plated metal, so their colours shift and shimmer and feel very space-y. They’re 2” on the longest side and make a nice little statement piece especially when they catch the light.

These guys are available through Etsy

And here on my website.

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Bigfin Reef Squid Sticker

The sticker pack I’ll be working on this time is squids! This is a bigfin reef squid; probably the typical squid you imagine when you think of squids. I love these little guys’ sleek and fluid shapes.

This guy is our monthly jumbo/holofoil sticker! You can get one on my Ko-fi page either through the shop or by subscribing to the Sticker Tier.

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Rainbow Turtles Sticker Pack

And after 6ish weeks of painting, here are all the rainbow turtles together! I’m really, really pleased with how these stickers turned out, both individually and as a set. The over-the-top colours make me happy, and I feel like they’re a huge step towards the kind of work I’d like to be producing.

These guys are available individually or as a set on my website and Etsy stores.

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Tarts Sticker 2023

Here’s my shop freebie sticker for this year! Tarts is all about apples this year. I really enjoyed painting this little guy. Besides being my brand mascot, he’s also just super fun to draw with his big, round head and tiny, noodly arms.

I’m actually planning to repaint this piece in rainbow colours to better match my other stickers. For now, this little guy goes out in every order from my online or Etsy shops!

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