August Sticker Pack

Here’s our sticker pack for August as voted by my patrons on Patreon! These little bears were a real challenge to draw. There’s a lot of overlap in their body types, but some surprising differences! I somehow never noticed the moon bear has such a puffy head.

From top left going clockwise, we have the: grizzly bear, moon bear, polar bear, black bear, and giant panda.

Please remember to sign up for the Orange Cat, Blue Bird, or Yellow Frog tiers over on Patreon any time this month to get some of exclusive goodies, or adopt these guys at their 2.5″, non-shiny selves on my store.

July Sticker Pack – Raccoons

Happy Canada Day to anyone who celebrates, and happy July 1st for everyone else! I hope your July is an awesome one!

Here’s our sticker pack for this month as decided on by my patrons over on Patreon: Raccoons! I had SO much fun drawing these squishy little guys that I digitized the rainbow design, too. Anyone who gets sticker rewards on Patreon this month can choose an extra design. The $5 tier also gets shiny stickers for the first time starting this month!

Patreon Update

Hello, Lovelies! I’ve just updated my Patreon tiers to include a couple commission/pet portrait tiers. These tiers allow you to pay $10 or $15 a month to go towards a custom portrait. Plus you get all the normal Patreon benefits, like behind the scenes shots and works in progress.
Please go to my Patreon page if you’d like more info:

Frog Mini Rugs

Here’s a new design that’s debuting at RB Studio & Gallery.

I wanted to create a different frog design that was a little simpler and more friendly than my original froggy. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out! You can see by the two different frogs how much the finished rug can vary even using the same design, so they’re all just a little bit special.