Screm Pins Out Now!

Here it is, the Screm wooden pin series! There’s my classic opossum design plus a new trash panda, void cat, and pacman frog!

These guys are hard to photograph, because the wood grain catches the light. They look more flat and graphic in person. They also have a delightful subtle pine scent! The smell fades over time, but it’s my favourite part of packing wooden pins haha!

Click below to order your pin, or check them out on Etsy!

Screm Space Cat Wooden Pin
Screm Pacman Frog Wooden Pin
Screm Opossum Wooden Pin
Screm Raccoon Wooden Pin

Find all my pins here on Etsy!

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New Pin Design Sneak Peek! Screm Space Kitty

When you scream into the void and the void screams back!

This space kitty’s pose is heavily inspired by my cat, Sparc, at breakfast time. I created this little galaxy kitty to be part of a screm pin collection, which should be available soon.

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Rainbow Lynx on Wood

It’s time for another rainbow lynx! This lynx is painted on wood using Daniel Smith’s transparent watercolour ground. I wanted to see how the piece would look with a fully coloured background, so I didn’t leave much wood texture shining through. There are some obvious wood knots, and the whole piece has a lovely wooden glow in person that just does not come through in the scan.

Again, I’m experimenting with adding more rendered fur texture and balancing that with looser brush strokes away from the animal’s face. It’s been really fun to take the extra time to draw out the fur, even if I end up covering it up or washing it back to soften it haha. It’s definitely a learning process.

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Shadow Nap Watercolour Cat Painting

I’ve had a ton of fun working on all the rugs lately, but it feels so good to get back to painting! I painted this gorgeous tabby cat to practise with edges and balancing structured fur texture with loose painting. I think I could have pushed the contrast in the body a little more, but I enjoy the fuzziness and didn’t want to risk covering it up too much. Definitely gotta experiment more with fuzzy, out of focus subjects!

This piece is available for sale TODAY at the Capital Art Sale!

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Medium Tabby Cat Rugs

These tabby cats are the last batch of small rugs I created for the Capital Art Sale. They’re based off my Tubby Tabby design that’s now part of Isaac’s Way’s charity auction. You can check out the large version here:

I love seeing the difference between large and small rugs of the same design. I rarely reuse designs, but it’s always interesting to see how the simplified version compares to the larger piece

The Capital Art Sale is taking place May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre!

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Medium Tiger Rugs

Tigers are my second favourite wild cats and my favourite big cats. They’re so charismatic and majestic! These little rugs are about 15” across, and the tiger’s detailed pattern is fun to simplify at this smaller rug size. The colour contrast really helps these rugs pop despite their smaller size.

These small tiger rugs are available at the Capital Art Sale! Be sure to swing by and see them in person. And check out all the other amazing work by local artists!

The Capital Art Sale is taking place May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre!

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One of a Kind! Siamese Cat Rug

I designed this goofy Siamese kitty rug to display at the Capital Art Sale here in Fredericton, NB!

It was a real design challenge to create enough contrast in this design. Tabby stripes are easy to make pop, but the sometimes subtle shift of the Siamese points don’t feel nearly as dramatic. I’d like to play with some different shading techniques eventually, but I’m happy with how this cutie turned out.

The Capital Art Sale is taking place May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre!

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New Charity Auction: Tubby Tabby Rug

This meat-headed tabby boy is my latest rug for Isaac’s Way’s charity auction!

As usual, I had a ton of fun tufting this guy. Stripes are just so satisfying to render out, with their strong pop of contrast.

This 30” kitty rug is up for auction at Isaac’s Way! You can swing by to bid in person (and grab something delicious to eat) or bid on their website or Facebook pages.

Art Auctions

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Holographic Space Cat Sticker

It’s been a little while, so here’s a new stand alone sticker design: A space kitty!

This little friend is printed on holographic vinyl, and the stars shine rainbow in the light. I had a lot of fun playing with the negative space to maximise the impact of the holographic effect.

You can find these guys on my Etsy Shop:

And my website:

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Trixie the Tabby Watercolour Portrait

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve found some time to relax and are looking forward to the New Year. I’d like to make a goals post discussing my plans for next year, but in the meantime, please enjoy this kitty painting!

This lovely little lady is Trixie. She was commissioned as a commemorative piece by one of my close friends. I experimented a bit with pushing the detail in the face and letting the body fade out for a wispy, dream-like feeling, and I really like how it turned out. Most importantly, Trixie’s person likes it, too!

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