ink painting

August Sticker Pack

Here’s our sticker pack for August as voted by my patrons on Patreon! These little bears were a real challenge to draw. There’s a lot of overlap in their body types, but some surprising differences! I somehow never noticed the moon bear has such a puffy head.

From top left going clockwise, we have the: grizzly bear, moon bear, polar bear, black bear, and giant panda.

Please remember to sign up for the Orange Cat, Blue Bird, or Yellow Frog tiers over on Patreon any time this month to get some of exclusive goodies, or adopt these guys at their 2.5″, non-shiny selves on my store.

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A friend was recently enjoying painting a bird portrait, so I decided to try my hand at it, too. I think this is my first time painting a naturally colourful bird. It almost feels like cheating to call this a rainbow painting haha!

I currently have two slots available for pet portraits in this style. Check out my Etsy listing if you’re interested!

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March Sticker Pack – Otters

My new sticker pack for this month is otters! These little guys were so fun to research and draw.

From top left going clockwise, we have the: giant otter, sea otter, spotted necked otter, marine otter, and North American river otter.

The rainbow sticker for this month is based on the North American river otter.

The flashy holographic stickers are only available this month through my Patreon where you can also get jumbo versions of these guys for a steep discount this month only:

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Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are so adorable. I just love their little eyelids and chonky tails! Do you have a favourite lizard?

I’m still figuring out how I like rainbow-izing complex markings like these. I think it depends on the animal, but it also may depend on my mood. 🤔

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February Sticker Pack – Sheep

Here are our sticker for February: Sheep! I had SO much fun drawing these puffy little guys! I decided to go with a cartoony version for our rainbow sticker this month, and I had a ton of fun figuring out shading the gradient.

Please remember to sign up on Patreon for the $5 tier or up any time this month if you want some of these fluffy friends at a steep discount/jumbo/foiled.

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