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July Exclusive JUMBO Sticker – Mourning Gecko

Another month means another exclusive JUMBO sticker! This month we have the most charming reptile escape artist, the mourning gecko!

Mourning geckos are really cool, because not only are they one of the few social species of lizards that actually do best when housed in groups, but they’re parthenogenic! That means they can reproduce without males. (Which is really good, because males are almost non-existent in this species.) These little ladies are also really good at regrowing their tails, and they don’t end up with post-shed nubs like most species.

The exclusive 3.5” jumbo sticker is available only for the month of July through my Patreon and Ko-fi pages, or you can purchase it directly on Etsy!

Etsy: https://squidtartsart.etsy.com/ca/listing/1741380946/july-exclusive-jumbo-rainbow-mourning

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/squidtartsart

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SquidTartsArt

Normal 2.5” mourning geckos stickers are available on my website and through Etsy.

Website: https://rainbowpetportraits.ca/product/rainbow-mourning-gecko-vinyl-sticker/

Etsy: https://squidtartsart.etsy.com/ca/listing/1755574345/rainbow-mourning-gecko-vinyl-stickers

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Screm Pins Out Now!

Here it is, the Screm wooden pin series! There’s my classic opossum design plus a new trash panda, void cat, and pacman frog!

These guys are hard to photograph, because the wood grain catches the light. They look more flat and graphic in person. They also have a delightful subtle pine scent! The smell fades over time, but it’s my favourite part of packing wooden pins haha!

Click below to order your pin, or check them out on Etsy!

Screm Space Cat Wooden Pin
Screm Pacman Frog Wooden Pin
Screm Opossum Wooden Pin
Screm Raccoon Wooden Pin

Find all my pins here on Etsy!

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Screm Pacman Frog

Pacman frogs are such charismatic little guys!

I couldn’t leave these dramatic little blob friends out of the screm pin collection. (I mean, their name literally comes from them having little, round bodies and huge mouths.) I’m not even sure I exaggerated this guy at all… The whole species is pretty much a cartoon character.

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June Exclusive JUMBO Sticker – Rainbow Tree Frog!

Another month, another new sticker design! It’s no secret I love frogs and will take any excuse to paint them. I wanted to experiment using black in my rainbow pieces, and I could not imagine a better subject than a rainbow version of a ventrimiculats blue leg frog! These frogs’ natural markings are so stunning that just changing up the colours feels almost like cheating.

This design is available as a jumbo 3.5” vinyl sticker this month only! You can grab one through Patreon, Ko-fi, or Etsy.

Regular 2.5” vinyl stickers are also available on Etsy.

Etsy: https://squidtartsart.etsy.com/…/june-exclusive-jumbo…

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/squidtartsart

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SquidTartsArt

Bonus version before I added the line work!

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3D Printed Seal Coin Bank and Planter

Swinging back to 3D, I was in need of a place to keep spare change, and decided to create a seal coin bank. I just cannot resist their squishy shape! It was pretty tricky to get the hollow shape and twist-off plug with Nomad Sculpt, but it worked out in the end. And of course, once I had the model, I couldn’t resist making a planter version!

I tried a new filament with this planter, and it doesn’t transition between the colours quite as well. I also used resin for the bank seal’s eyes and painted the planter seal’s eyes without adding resin. Which look do you prefer?

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Rainbow Lynx on Wood

It’s time for another rainbow lynx! This lynx is painted on wood using Daniel Smith’s transparent watercolour ground. I wanted to see how the piece would look with a fully coloured background, so I didn’t leave much wood texture shining through. There are some obvious wood knots, and the whole piece has a lovely wooden glow in person that just does not come through in the scan.

Again, I’m experimenting with adding more rendered fur texture and balancing that with looser brush strokes away from the animal’s face. It’s been really fun to take the extra time to draw out the fur, even if I end up covering it up or washing it back to soften it haha. It’s definitely a learning process.

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Medium Tiger Rugs

Tigers are my second favourite wild cats and my favourite big cats. They’re so charismatic and majestic! These little rugs are about 15” across, and the tiger’s detailed pattern is fun to simplify at this smaller rug size. The colour contrast really helps these rugs pop despite their smaller size.

These small tiger rugs are available at the Capital Art Sale! Be sure to swing by and see them in person. And check out all the other amazing work by local artists!

The Capital Art Sale is taking place May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre!

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Medium Fox Rug

Here’s another design that I feel really fits as a rug! My husband absolutely loves foxes, and I find myself making a lot of different fox designs. It doesn’t hurt that foxes are quite charming.

Each fox design I use is unique, and these two little guys are the only rugs I’ll be making from this design. Please be sure to check them out at the Capital Art Sale!

The Capital Art Sale is taking place May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre!

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May Exclusive Jumbo Sticker – Rainbow Lynx!

Another month means another sticker! I’m trying something new this month by releasing jumbo stickers as a limited time item on Etsy, so now you don’t have to subscribe to my Patreon or Ko-fi accounts to get one. Hopefully that’ll make collecting jumbo stickers a little easier for some people. The regular sized (2.5”) stickers will still be available as usual.

Canadian lynxes are my all time favourite wild cats! Their dramatic ear tufts, huge feet, and little nub tail are all just too cute for words. I tried to really maximize the rainbow on this cutie, because it’s a stand-alone sticker. I think it turned out really cutely!

Etsy link: https://squidtartsart.etsy.com/ca/listing/1709793488/may-exclusive-jumbo-rainbow-lynx-vinyl

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3d Printed Fox Coaster

One more 3d printed idea I’ve been toying with is coasters. It’s been a real challenge to find the right level of details to show well at this size. The 3d aspect actually obscures the image a bit by casting shadows. I’m also playing with different filament colours to add a bit more interest and contrast. I think I’m on the right track with this guy, but there’s definitely more experimenting to be done!

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