Mini Border Collie Rugs

Here are two small rugs of a border collie puppy! I really love the look of the orange border collie for some reason. These are the last two rugs I’ll be making from this design! I’m excited to create some new, smaller designs for next year.

These rugs are about 13” on the longest side and come with two D-rings attached for easy wall-hanging.

These rugs will be available at the Capital Art Sale running December 7-10 at 1111 Regent St.

If you’re interested in learning how to make something like this, you can check out my Skillshare class on rug tufting!

Use my referral link to try Skillshare for free for one month!

If you’d like a custom rainbow rug (or other rainbow-y art) of your pet, please feel free to check out my shop for pricing info.

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