New Class! Stylizing Subjects for Rug Tufting

I’m so excited to announce my newest online class: Stylizing Subjects for Rug Tufting.

This is a mini class (about 15 minutes long) discussing designing your own cartoony rugs. This class is for anyone who wants to start making their own simplified rug designs. It covers using reference photos and how to use shape language and basic colour theory to create a dedicated mood with your rugs. It is designed as a supplement to my Beginner Rug Tufting class, but it can also work as a stand-alone introduction to rug tufting.

I really hope this class will help tufters who rely on other people’s designs to branch out and start creating their own, completely unique works of art!

Check it out on Skillshare here.

Or through Patreon.

Or Ko-fi.