May Sticker Pack – Cryptids

Happy Spring! Here’s my Patreon sticker pack for May: Cryptids! I had a bit of a struggle to make some of these guys creepy-cute, but they were a very fun challenge. I hope you all enjoy them!

Our cryptids from the top left to right: Nessie, Kraken

Centre: Mongolian death worm

Bottom left to right: Chupacabra and Mothman (ofc)

And our rainbow sticker for this month is a Jackalope!I forgot to take photos of the shiny version, but the shiny jackalope has gold foil horns with a rainbow sheen. They feel very magical girl. โค๏ธ
If you’re interested in getting any of these guys as a jumbo size and at a steep discount, please sign up for the $5 tier or above on my Patreon any time this month. (You can un-pledge immediately if you only want these sticker and don’t want to stay subscribed!)

May Sticker Pack – Cryptids