Rainbow Goldfish Sticker Pack

It’s so satisfying seeing these guys all together. I love designing sticker packs, because it’s fun to push the designs while still trying to keep the whole set cohesive. How do you think I did?

These cute little goldfish friends are now available on both Etsy and here on my website.

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Fantail Goldfish Sticker

It feels so good to get back to painting after taking a break to tuft. It’s great how refreshing it is to have two such vastly different media to play with.

I decided to go with the same colour scheme as the common goldfish for this little fantail. I like how they contrast so much in shape with one looking very simple and lithe and the other looking very round and flamboyant.

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Common Goldfish Sticker Design

Our sticker pack for May/June is goldfish, as voted on by my lovely supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi! This little friend is a common goldfish. I wanted to really lean into their natural orange-gold colour while still adding a bit of rainbow flare. I’m really pleased with their little fishy smile!

The holofoil version of this little cutie is our Ko-fi exclusive reward for this month. If you’d like the exclusive jumbo, holofoil goldfish, please be sure to sign up for the sticker collector tier over on my Ko-fi page any time this month!

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