Calico Rug

This is very probably my favourite rug I’ve created so far. I experimented a lot with carving the yarn after the rug was tufted and glued, and that gives this piece especially sharp, clean details. I also just really enjoy the balance of colours. This design was based off a kitty I met at Purrfect Cup a couple years ago. The little kitty found her forever home long ago, but there are always more kitties in need of loving homes.

This rug will be available at the Capital Art Sale, starting tonight, and running December 7-10 at 1111 Regent St.

If you’re interested in learning how to make something like this, you can check out my Skillshare class on rug tufting!

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If you’d like a custom rainbow rug (or other rainbow-y art) of your pet, please feel free to check out my shop for pricing info.

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