Screm Pins Out Now!

Here it is, the Screm wooden pin series! There’s my classic opossum design plus a new trash panda, void cat, and pacman frog!

These guys are hard to photograph, because the wood grain catches the light. They look more flat and graphic in person. They also have a delightful subtle pine scent! The smell fades over time, but it’s my favourite part of packing wooden pins haha!

Click below to order your pin, or check them out on Etsy!

Screm Space Cat Wooden Pin
Screm Pacman Frog Wooden Pin
Screm Opossum Wooden Pin
Screm Raccoon Wooden Pin

Find all my pins here on Etsy!

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New Planter Design! 3d Printed Rainbow Opossum Planters!

Dipping back into 3d printing, I’m extremely proud of these opossum planters! I used Nomad Sculpt to design them. They’re probably my 5th design in that program, and it’s pretty intuitive! I printed these little guys in rainbow filament, primed the bits I wanted coloured with transparent watercolour ground, and then painted them with India ink. I like how the semi-transparency helps the painted colours feel more integrated and natural.

These two planters will be available at the Capital Art Sale in May!

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New Planter Design! 3d Printed Rainbow Opossum Planters! Read More »