Dutch Bunny Mini Rugs

Trying something new for these mini rugs: Dutch bunnies! I don’t think Dutchies come in brown, but we can pretend. These little friends are about 7″ tall and have a little ribbon on the back for easy hanging. They’ll be up for sale at the Capital Art Sale here in Fredericton starting this Wednesday! I will not be making this design again, so be sure to grab one if you want one!

Dutch Bunny Mini Rugs

White Bunny

Bunnies are such cute little fluffballs. I love how their eyes are so dramatic in their soft faces.

I painted this little guy for my most recent tutorial! This is my first full length painting tutorial, and I learned a lot about painting while recording and, ofc, video and sound editing. The full tutorial is available on my Patreon and Ko-fi accounts.

White Bunny