Orange Tabby 3

Here’s the third of four portraits of this lovely boy. I tried to keep more pastel tones on his body so as not to overwhelm the naturally lighter, warm tones on his face. I think it turned out pretty well, though the scan really doesn’t portray the oranges very nicely.

Rosy Maple Moth

You all know how much I LOVE rosy maple moths. Besides having the absolute best colour scheme, they’re also super fuzzy AND are native here in NB. Alas, they’re not fans of urban areas, so I haven’t encountered any in person. Some day!This piece was a style experiment. I wanted to try painting my sticker style with watercolour and really maximize the soft look. This experiment was inspired by Vena Carr‘s work. Vena’s an absolutely amazing, local artist here in Fredericton whose work you should definitely check out!

Orange Tabby Two

Sorry for the late post this week. We’ve been having a heatwave. Not great for someone who can’t thermoregulate. 😛

Here’s the second portrait of this lovely, tabby boy! I’m especially pleased with this one. It took quite a while to get the shadows dark enough, but it was worth the struggle.

Orange Tabby 1

This is the first of four portraits of this absolutely stunning orange tabby cat! As you can imagine, he’s extremely well loved. I absolutely adored working on each piece in this little series, and I hope you all enjoy seeing them over the next few weeks.

Portuguese Water Dog

This Portuguese water dog is a commission for a friend. They specifically asked this pup have natural colours, so it was quite the challenge for me. I really, really struggled with the fur texture, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Black Lab Puppy

Here’s a black lab puppy I painted recently for a private client. I absolutely loved painting this little guy. The pose was super fun, and working with the client was a dream.

I focused on creating a variety of edges to the shadows and balancing details to reinforce the focal point around the face. It can be incredibly difficult to create a strong focal point when using all highly saturated colours, and that’s definitely something I’m still figuring out.

Welcome to the New Site

Hi there!

Thank you so much for checking out my new website. I’m hopeful the new layout will be more intuitive and inviting for people.

I plan to use this blog to post new work and some life update. Expect lots of cat photos!

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or hiccups while browsing.

Thanks, and have an awesome day!