rug tufting

Frog Mini Rugs

Here’s a new design that’s debuting at RB Studio & Gallery.

I wanted to create a different frog design that was a little simpler and more friendly than my original froggy. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out! You can see by the two different frogs how much the finished rug can vary even using the same design, so they’re all just a little bit special.

Rainbow Scuzzy Cat Rug

Here’s another rug I made for RB Studio and Gallery‘s opening: A pink rainbow rug of my cat, Scuzzy! This was actually the first rainbow rug design I created when I was first learning tufting, and this is my first time making one for sale. I’ve tweaked a few bits to make the design more aesthetically pleasing, though it looks a little less like my precious Scuzzy cat.

Tiger Rug

Now that I’ve officially announced I’ll be selling with RB Studio & Gallery, I can finally show you all what I’ve been making for them this past month!

First off is this tiger rug. This was my second time making this design, and it’s surprisingly fun and quick to do. Usually little details slow me down, but this one just flew by.

Tiger Rug

Here’s one of my latest rugs. I wanted to try my orange tabby colour scheme with higher contrast, and a tiger seemed like the perfect subject! I also experimented with shaping the outlines to make them cleaner, and that’s definitely something I’d like to keep practicing.