Hen Planter

Delving back into 3d printing, here’s a little hen planter! I had a mighty craving to make a chicken, so I did. This guy is printed very, very small (about 3”) which is why it doesn’t seem super smooth. (You’ll have to trust me that it FEELS very smooth.) I’m running out of space to store larger 3d prints!

I really enjoy making these little 3d models, but I don’t really like collecting too many knick knacks. That’s why I convert them all into planters. (I have… so many plants. So. Many.) But I might paint up a few of these guys and release them as desk pets on Etsy. Would you be interested in seeing any of my 3d designs as regular figures instead of planters?

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October Sticker Pack

Here’s our sticker pack for this month: Haunted animal skulls! I tried to keep these guys looking cute and cheery, and I chose animals that I think are a little unusual to see as skulls. There’s a duck, chicken, fish, frog, and turtle. And of course a cat skull for our rainbow sticker, because I can’t resist a cat.

I know skulls aren’t everyone’s jam, so anyone on Patreon receiving physical rewards this month can choose any stickers I’ve produced in the past as alternatives if you don’t want skulls.

Please sign up over on Patreon if you’re interested in getting any of these guys (or any stickers in my collection) at a steep discount any time this month!

(And here’s a bonus sneak peek at our Patreon-exclusive holofoil cat skulls in Jumbo and Standard sizes!)

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